What if we were more than human?

With powers beyond our reckoning

Able to create and call into existence

In ways more than we realize

Human; gods nonetheless

What if we were gods of wisdom?

Unlocking our powers with each challenge

Honing our trades through reading and thoughts

Deciphering loads of innumerable knowledge

Stored up since before life and time

What if we were gods of life?

Giving life through deeds great and small

The little kindness, love and forgotten virtues

And through great breakthroughs

Of science and art explorations

What if we were gods of love?

Personifying our powers each day

Living to embrace rather than push away

To build bridges rather than walls

Shining our light without schisms

What if we were gods of peace?

Forsaking discord and wars

Finding harmony in our differences

Blind to color, race and creed

Having no need for class and status

What if we were gods of light?

Shining for the world around us

Putting darkness to extinction

Embracing each other’s light

For the good of us all

What if we were gods of power?

And of might and strength

And wielded each with conscience

And that elusive softness

That belies true power

What if we were gods of justice?

Of fairness and equity

Robbing none of his due

Each of us living in the knowing

That right judgement lies with us

What if we were gods of the elements?

Nurturing each with care and caution

Creating a balance of harmony

An equilibrium of use and replenish

Nulling over-exertions and destructions

What if we were gods?

Not of one but all virtues

Growing in each as we exercise them

Each of us a total embodiment

Of all these powers

What if our purpose as gods

Was to create balance through them?

That harmony and serenity

That we all so desperately seek;

Gods over our situations

What if we fail as gods

Because we lack the faith and courage

To truly become who we are: gods?

What if all our problems

Were from within, not without?

What if we realized today

That we are truly gods?

All men without exceptions

Capable of giving what we all seek

What if we lived in that consciousness?

And what if there was an elder God?

The God above all gods

One who wields all powers

Of whose nature we were birthed

And from who we derive all

What if we learn to learn of Him

To live as gods truly

Conscious of our stewardship

Which must be accounted for

At the end of days

For we are gods indeed

Every last one of us

And we are sons, images

Of the Most high God

The one who holds time and life