Precious Lord

Be my gold, my finest silver

Be the treasure

Whereunto my heart lies

Be my joy, my endless delight

Be the smile

That lulls me at night

Be the thought

That lingers till the morning

The desire that fills my waking heart

Be my obsession, my endless want

Be the craving

That won’t go away

Sweet Lover

Be my goal, my only focus

Be the reality

That defines my world

Be the hunger

That overwhelms food

The thirst I crave with each fill

Be the peace

That calms my soul

When life’s storms gnaw at it

Be the poem

That has no end

The song that lingers endlessly


Be the lure

That pulls my heart

Always to you

Be the longing

That is irrepressible

Warring against my unfaithfulness

Be my strength, my fortress

When I am spent

And bereft of hope

Be my purpose

My very definition

That without which I am not

Be all to me

No ands, no pluses

Just you my Lord

Be my elixir

My only portion

The spell that holds my very being

Endless sweetness

May I desire nothing more

Be my enoughness

Boundless love

Vast lacklessness

Be enough for me

Just You sweet Love

Nothing more

Be my all